Is Your Zestimate On Zillow Wrong

Dated: 04/09/2018

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Is YOUR Home Zestimate on Zillow correct?

Have you looked up your home's value on Zillow only to find that the Zillow "Zestimate"is not what you would expect?

If so, I might be able to help you do something about it. 

1st -Zestimates are NOT accurate and Zillow knows this when they publish their Accuracy Table. 

To find the table for your metro area or county, scroll to the very bottom of the homepage on Zillow and click "Zestimate" then on the table you will see your metro area. If you want a county, click " Counties" and keep scrolling. 

Here in Dallas/Fort Worth the Zestimate is only accurate within 5%  with 33.1% of the time from the ACTUAL sales price. 

2nd-You CAN make a difference by claiming your home and editing your home facts. Adding great photos also can help raise your value. When you do a search for your home, a blue box pops up and lets you directly go into claiming your home. Click on "review your home facts" and go through the information.

3rd- WRITE about your house and its features. This can make a big difference. Image title

4th- Keep in mind that this is not the best way to determine value, but your Zestimate is important because potential buyers are looking at them thinking they are accurate. 

How do Realtors determine value? We do a market analysis to compare YOUR home with those sold in your neighborhood that are comparable within the last 90 days. Also, I have professional Real Estate Photographers take photos and I know what copy sells the features in homes. 

Call me for help with your value or if you are thinking of selling your Keller home. 

Lisa Grissom, Associate Broker

eXp Realty, LLC


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